In The Room: Director/Producer Sessions with Michael Nankin

Michael Nankin has been a working writer/director for the past 30 years. Currently, he is the show runner for the Toronto-Shot Series, DEFIANCE.  His recent director credits include HELL ON WHEELS, RED FACTION: ORIGINS, THE CAPE, Multiple episodes of CAPRICA, and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, as well as episodes of EUREKA, FLASH FORWARD, HEROES, LIE TO ME, THE DRESDEN FILES, THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, CSI, THE AGENCY, VERITAS and INVASION, among many others. His first job in Television was writer/director/showrunner of LIFE GOES ON


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Class Description
This is your chance to make a personal impression with an amazing director / producer.  The format of this workshop will get you in the room with all the pressure of a real room audition setting.  Our format allows you and your reader to spend a total of  20 minutes in the room with just Michael, Matthew, and the Camera Person.  You gain an unparalleled first-hand sense of how Michael works, and what he wants when he is casting his series or film.  DEFIANCE is a TV Show with many Toronto actors.  You will hear first hand what it is like to work on the show and gain insight into how and why the cast is selected.

Sides are sent in advance of the workshop, and you will be coached by one of Canada’s top coaches to get your best out in front of the people that need to see it.

Day 1: Friday, July  12th 10:00am to 2:00pm

Work with Matthew Harrison in a seminar format: get to the core of audition technique and build confidence in the audition room.

Day 2: Saturday, July 13th, 9am-6pm
Coach your scene with Matthew – get to the heart of the story,  emotional truth of both your character and yourself, and put it into action.

Day 3: Sunday,  July 14th, 9am-6pm

Showcase your acting chops in a full one-on-one audition setting for the Director in a true to life audition format.  Get personal notes and direction in the room. After auditions are concluded, there is and inti­mate Q & A for the entire group. Finally, Matthew will provide you with ‘the teacher’s translation’ to reinforce your understanding of what you need to work at for your auditions going forward.

Pri­vate links to your final recorded work will be provided


$240 plus HST

Auditing Policy
Auditing not available for this workshop




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