VANCOUVER Seasonal Kick Start with your GENERAL MEETING


Date & Time
Saturday, September 8th, 10:00am-4:00pm

Matthew Harrison

Your acting career is a business…your company is YOU. Get your company healthy… attend your GENERAL MEETING.  Set a plan of action for the year – challenging but attainable goals based on where you’re at now, and what the specific industry opportunities are for Fall/Winter 2012.

Matthew will clearly define for you the tools and perspective required to manage your life as an actor, addressing the delicate, precise balance between business, personal, and artistic sides of your career and helping you to identify how to invest your time in the most beneficial constructive fashion possible.

Throughout the 6-hour day, he’ll use attendee marketing materials, specific career questions as the practical basis of demonstrating how to build and maintain positive career momentum, so bring your headshots, video links, and questions!

Upon completing this seminar, you’ll have a solid understanding on how to keep moving forward in your career, and you will be set to get the most out of the weekly Actor’s Deliverables group.


Auditing Policy
Auditing not available for this workshop


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